Discussion Topics

Over two days at Quartiertreffpunkt Kleinhüningen—a local community center in Basel—we will discuss existing labor practices, and will illuminate historical and current labor movements. The structure of the day will be left loose to invite spontaneity and allow for a variety of communication styles. The general format for the forum is open discussion, punctuated by “social scores”, which will be commissioned by the 10 invited artists.


During mornings invited artists will share in a liminal social space fostering new ways of transmitting knowledge,
and will form working groups to build

a sustainable international force in the interests of fairer creative labor.
In the afternoons we will open to the public to host discourse in dynamic social formations conceived of collectively by the invited participants. These physical arrangements involve transposing contexts by drawing on many kinds of social spaces that cultivate civil agency.

Outcome & Future Events

This inaugural forum is the beginning
of a long term operation aiming to sustain visibility and give force to art labor. We will hold the forum twice a year, while facilitating working groups formed by participants, and members of our association. These groups will put concepts and actions developed at the forum into practice with the support and resources of the association. By cultivating collective strategies we hope to create tools for the broader public.